Paint Job Packer

A lightweight paint job mod making tool for ATS and ETS2


See the thread on the SCS Forums for more details, and to leave feedback or get support


Latest version: 1.10.3 (released 2023-07-22)

Full changelog on GitHub

Windows (.exe installer, 10.0 MB)

  • Tested on Windows 10 and 11
  • Windows 7 not supported

Download (mirror)

Windows with included templates (.exe installer, 602.3 MB)

  • Alternate download with 4k placeholder templates included

Download (mirror)

Linux (deb package, 13.0 MB)

  • Tested on Ubuntu (Debian), Manjaro (Arch) and Fedora (Red Hat)
  • Tested with GNOME, XFCE and KDE desktop environments

Download (mirror)

What about macOS?

I'm no longer providing a prepackaged Mac download for three reasons:

  1. Due to some combination of software updates, I can no longer make an app bundle that reliably works without crashing
  2. My only Mac is getting slower, and it's too old to run macOS Ventura
  3. macOS only accounts for about 1% of downloads, and less than 0.5% of program usage

You can still run Paint Job Packer on macOS by downloading the source code from GitHub and running using Python 3. When I eventually rewrite Paint Job Packer from scratch, a macOS version should be back on the table. Look out for update 2.0 :)

Paint Job Packer is open source, its source code is available on GitHub

Support Paint Job Packer

If you enjoy Paint Job Packer and you would like to support its development, you can leave me a tip at Ko-fi

Using Paint Job Packer

There's a full video guide to using Paint Job Packer available on YouTube.

Paint Job Packer doesn't make completed mods from the get-go. Instead it makes what I call "custom example mods", giving you all the files you need for your mod, but with placeholders standing in for every image/texture. You then go through and replace all the placeholder images with your own to complete the mod. Since you usually have to test and tweak a paint job many times before it's ready, generating paint jobs this way means you only have to run the program once.

Image editor requirements

Paint Job Packer requires an image editor that can save DDS files. DDS is a special image format used to save textures for many games, including both trucksim games. You can use any of the following:

1. Generate base files using Paint Job Packer

2. Replace mod manager files

3. Replace icon

4. Replace vehicle textures